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Modena, Lambrusco and Aceto Balsamico

Very soon WineSong will offer some new exciting products on the Chinese market.  Quality Lambrusco and the most wonderful Aceto Balsamico.

Lambrusco is a traditional wine from the Modena area and very popular overall in the world. Most Lambrusco is on the entry level,  a sweatish not expensive wine. But there are some quality products, harmonic, round, pleasantly sparkling. WineSong  is negotiating with local wineries a deal to introduce Lambrusco on the Chinese market.

Aceto Balsamico is one of the finest products that Italy offers to refine cooking.  Aceto Balsamico is made from mosto  (concentrated juice) from Lambrusco grapes.  The best ones are aged for more than 25 year.  These are precious aromatizing drops, wonderful with desserts, fruits, but also meat.   There is a range of different Aceto Balsamico products though.  That makes it possible to introduce Aceto Balsamico into the daily cooking.



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