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Coloured "Friggitelle" and Mozzarella

It is aesthetically very beautiful and it is also very tasty,   this combination of Mozzarella or Fiore di Latte con frigitelle.


 Frigitelle are these long small peppers. I cook them in two different methods.   The classic method, long pan fried nearly burned aromatized by their own juice or  I keep them crunchy, only shortly pan fried with some tomatoes added.


For this dish surely the traditional method is the best. The nearly smoky, slightly burned taste of the friggitelle contrasts nicely with the mild and creamy cheese.

...the wines


It is a summer dish, so there is white wine.  A white wine, with a bit of wood goes heavenly.  Febeo from Cardeto  or  Nuricante from Duca della Corgna