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Lamb braised in wine and vegetable broth

This is a good method to prepare various parts of a lamb, especially shoulder. I fry the lamb with garlic, thyme and rosmary in  a pot. When it is nicely coloure from al sided, I add half a glass of white wine and a good amount of vegetable broth, close the pot and let  it co ok at low temperature for 30 minutes. Then  I get the cooking liquid concentrated to a nice sauce. The sauce does not need any enrichment, it is fat enough from the lamb and savoury from the vegetable .

If I want the meat more crunchy, I put it for 5 minutes under the oven grill

Risotto is a nice sidedish, but also potato mash.

...the wines

This dish goes well with white wines and red wines. White wines should not be too aromatic or fruity and they should be well structured, i.e. a good quality Chardonnay. Red wines should be lighter.  I tried with a Dolcetto d'Alba and it was nearly too tannic, but it goes.  Very well fitted a Schwarzriesling from the palatinate.

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