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Second Corona Virus Confinement dinner

I am now the 3rd day confined in my Umbrian Countryhouse "Buon Respiro". I am anything else than  bored! Between finishing David Sinclair's exciting book on aging,  reading finally an entire version of the Economist, running, exercising, writing about cooking, I still come only after 7 pm into the kitchen.  But it is the joy of the day.  The menu was simple:

- Soup of pigeon, vegetables and fregola (

- Pigeon breast (cooked to keep it bloody inside!) with Veggie/Potato Mash and Broccoletti.  The Broccoletti were from the local farmer marked and "ripassata in padella". How to treat appropriately a pigeon I learnd from the Restaurant Alchimista in Montefalco. Potato Mash with Veggies has been inspired by Maria Luisa Scolastra from Villa Roncalli.

How many days of confinement we got?

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...the wines

I had open:  a "Grauburgunder Spaetlese" and a "Schwarzriesling" from my Pfalz Winery Anlag Nichterlein.  I added a Divina Villa Etichetta Bianca from "Duca della Corgna". As expected the Soup was requiring a white wine. The "Grauburgunder Spaetlese"  (completely dry)  mixed very well with the soup. Divina Villa, Etichetta Bianca is a winning choice for poultry,  Thee potato mash with Guanciale was asking for something stronger as a typical Umbrian  Sangiovese.  Wine Food Pairing for a Menu  is always a compromise

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soup mash mash with breast