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Quails, quails, quails

This is Vincent's (my nephew) favorite, but also Matilde likes it a lot.
Get quails from the supermarket, They are not wild, but from intensive breedings, but they are still much more tasty than the rubber chicken you get as an alternative.
They are nearly fatless, so you have to do something for not drying them out while cooking. Standard method. Get good "pancetta" (My Leo Dictionary interestingly told me just that it does not know an English word for "Bauchspeck" Ha!). Some of the pancetta you need in fairly big and thin slices. The other part you can simply mince. Mix the minced pancetta with a good amount of sage and garlic and stuff it into the quails.
Wrap the pancetta ( or Lardo) slices around the quails and fix them with a toothpick. 30 - 45 minutes into the oven, ready!
If you want experiment, Rosmary instead of Sage. Spring onions around the sage, very thinly sliced potatoes... what you want :-) amount of sage and stuff it into the quails,

...the wines

What would you drink with this?  No heavy tannic red, but you need something to wash well the pancetta from your mouth,  A substantious white,  a good rosè would do the job. Also the sage, in the bird's body, needs correct pairing! See our recommendations