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Wine Trips and CoImport

Professionell Wine Trips:  We organize professional Winetrips. We show you Vineyards and cellars to demonstrate quality of our wineries. You can communicate directly with the producers. Visiting the vineyards and cellars is reassuring for those concerned about quality. Direct communication between producer and importer improves the quality of collaboration. You select from our portfolio the wineries you want to see and we organize the trip.

You only have to arrive at Rome or  Milan airport. We take care of everything else. Just have a look at a typical wine trip.

CoImport: Importing of wine is a scaling problem. It does not work out to send less than a pallet of a wine from Italy to China. But even professional wine sellers might want smaller quantities of a specific wine, that they cannot find with importers or wholesalers.  Wine Song will organize your import. We will accumulate orders and organize a co-shipping to our warehouses in Shanghai. Have a look to our CoImport Model.