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Sharing Economy in Wine Import- the Wine Song Co-Import model

You want this wonderful Italian wine that you found on (or even in other places!), but it is not on the Chinese market?  No problem, the  Wine Song Co-Import mechanism gives you the possibility to get it!  You order the wine through the Mingleclub and pay your order in advance (minimum order 1 case=6 bottles). Wine Song accumulates other orders of the same wine to reach 300 bottles. If  300 bottles are reached the wine is ordered and shipped to China.  Within 6 months you get your wine or you get your money back!

There are 2 advantages  of this model: a) you can get wines that are not on the Chinese market directly from the producer, b) you get a much better price by shortening the sales chain.  As a rule the shelf price  of imported wine is 5 times the price paid to the producer.  With the Co-Import model  you pay the price of the winery shop plus 75% for the costs of import. If you mobilize your friends and you get an order of 300 bottles, still more advantages, another discount of 10%! With this system you can get Italian wines in China for the same prices you would pay in an Italian wine shop. Isn't this cool?