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    The Company

    Wine Song Ltd is a collaboration between  Johannes Keizer, Orvieto and Wang Chun, Wuhan.


    Johannes Keizer lives for more than 30 years in Italy. In his former professional life as an employee of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN he worked and travelled extensively in China. He is in love with both  China and Italy. He believes that the common love of Chinese and Italian people for good food and wine should be the basis for a good business. His mission is to promote Italian wine, especially from small and medium producers from Umbria, in China  (and also elsewhere).


    Wang Chun (Nixey), is a Chinese Wine Journalist and Professional. Some time ago she decided not to write only about Wine, but to bring better wines to Chinese people. She is CEO of Wine Song LTD, a Chinese Life Style Company, based in Wuhan.

    The Chinese Wine Market and our Proposal

  • Promotion

    Promotion: We promote Italian wines and wineries in China. We understand the online campaigning that is essential on the Chinese market. Wine Song has close contacts to important wine journalist and other opinion makers. We tailor your campaign from the Wechat presence to the tasting event - and obviously, we can translate your promotion material into appropriate Chinese language. We  have a huge experience with wine fairs and tasting events.

    We sell to the right audience,and we cultivate our own customer,and we promote the producing regions in the same time. Our buyers are not limited to importers and traders who are already in the wine business, instead we take extra effort to reach out to other quality buyers who are currently in other business, especially design brands / media brands who also have strong characters,

    We can manage your OCM Vino for China.

    Market Information: We can support Italian wineries with market information about China. We can deliver you market analysis, contacts to importers and advice how to position your wines on the Chinese markets.

    Pachetti di Promozione 2019

    Lista di Azioni di Promozione

  • trips

    Wine Trips and CoImport

    Professionell Wine Trips:  We organize professional Winetrips. We show you Vineyards and cellars to demonstrate quality of our wineries. You can communicate directly with the producers. Visiting the vineyards and cellars is reassuring for those concerned about quality. Direct communication between producer and importer improves the quality of collaboration. You select from our portfolio the wineries you want to see and we organize the trip.

    You only have to arrive at Rome or  Milan airport. We take care of everything else. Just have a look at a typical wine trip.

    CoImport: Importing of wine is a scaling problem. It does not work out to send less than a pallet of a wine from Italy to China. But even professional wine sellers might want smaller quantities of a specific wine, that they cannot find with importers or wholesalers.  Wine Song will organize your import. We will accumulate orders and organize a co-shipping to our warehouses in Shanghai. Have a look to our CoImport Model.

  • wine variety

    Wine Selection for the Chinese Market

     Italy  has a wonderful variety of wines. But it can be a confusing task to select from 400 different grapes, thousands of wines and thousands of producers. We have detailed knowledge about Italian wine regions and varieties.

    We have very clear principles in the selection of our wines. We only select genuine products from a specified area, only original products, bottled by the producers. We go for small and medium-sized producers, who fine-tune their wines to achieve quality. We establish personal contact with producers. We visit the wineries and we need to be convinced about the quality of their work.

    We believe in a  healthy ratio between price and quality. A bottle of wine might cost 80 RMB or 800 RMB, but the price needs to reflect the quality of the wine.  We cannot find wines for you that sell for a shelf price of 50 RMB. There is no genuine wine that can be bought for less than 20 RMB from a producer. And we don't select wines at fantasy  prices. Those, who buy a bottle of wine that costs 4000 RMB pay the label, not the wine. 

    Just contact us, we will find you any grape, any type of wine, from any region, at any price.

    Transfer of wine knowledge:  We know everything (nearly :-)) about wine. we have an enormous archive with material (i.e about Italian wines  /wines-dbpedia  and wine websites /wine-websites ) . We can get you any information you need

  • logistics


    Export Assistance: We can handle any export to China. We know the right documentation to get your wines quick and without problems through Chinese customs. And we know how to produce this documentation easily in Italy. We know the forwarders who handle the sea transport to China and we can organize all the formalities

    Import Assistance: We will take care that the wines you bought will arrive in China with the correct documentation.


  • learning wine


    What you understand well, you can sell better.

    We train your clients, your sales personnel to understand wine. We organize professional training courses about wines, and about wine-tasting. We explain the difference between  DOCG, DOC , IGT and "Vino da Tavola".  We introduce you to the different wine regions of Italy.    We teach you how to examine a wine with your eyes, your nose and your palate.  Learn the different fragrances that develop in wine. Learn to judge colour and taste.  Be able to distinguish a young wine from a mature wine and understand a wine's defects just by using your nose. We deliver training material in English and Chinese.  Our experts come to your company to organize specifically tailored courses with your staff or clients.  We unite Italian and Chinese culture, we know about different culinary traditions. We can show you how to pair Italian wines with Chinese dishes.  

  • buy vinyard

    Mediation of Investment into Italian Wineries or Real Estate

    Would you like to invest  in wine or become a producer yourself spending part of the year in Italy? We can mediate for you and provide the necessary legal and administrative advice. Become simply a shareholder of a winery or buy an entire estate. You can indicate the geographical area, the size, the price and the kind of production. We will find the property for you and facilitate the purchase.

    you always were thinking about a second home in Italy?

    Now is the right time to change your dream in reality!

    Buying Real Estate in Italy has never been so covenient. In big cities of history and art like Genova and Naples, in 1000s of enchanting little towns like Perugia o Lecce, in villages on the country side and even at the shore of the Mediterranean.

    We can bring you all, from small properties starting with only 30,000 Euros investment or entire old monasteries, castles, palaces and Chateaus

    We help you finding the object of your dreams.

    We assist you in the acquisition  procedures, we know the legal details.

    We help you to get the permission to stay in Italy.

    Do not hesitate, contact us!