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Actually Pecorino is another important ingredient for this dish. So it is substantially a refined and enriched Carbonara. 



This is a good method to prepare various parts of a lamb, especially shoulder. I fry the lamb with garlic, thyme and rosmary in  a pot. When it is nicely coloure from al sided, I add half a glass of white wine and a good amount of vegetable broth, close the pot and let  it co ok at low temperature for 30 minutes. Then  I get the cooking liquid concentrated to a nice sauce.



This is another dish inspired by Maria Luisa Scolastra from Villa Roncalli, Foligno.  It combines Savoy cabbage with 3 different meats and arranges  the savoy cabbage rolls on a not too stiff polenta.

Chicke, Beef and Porl fillet, minced with a knife (!), treated ith some pecorino, egg and garlic. It is necessary to sew the rolls to keep  the filling



I  cooked specifically two dishes of  Coregone to pair the new Grechetto from "Duca della Corgna", Poggio La Macchia, a Crus, a specific position and a special selection.



I consider quite some food as highly overrated if you compare what you pay and what you get. Among these Truffles and Porcini mushrooms. Whereas I still keep my opinion about truffles (so often disappointing!), this season I changed my mind about Porcinis.  It is also a quality issue. This season  I could get high quality porcini for less than 25€/kg.



This is a dish I started to cook 2 years ago and which I repeated in this Porcini season.



This is a beans specialty from Gradoli. Small white beans, very expressive in their taste, but elegant. These batch is a local Sugano production from my friend Andrea Purgatori :-) Nomen est Omen.  I combined them with different condiments.  Basil, 2 chily pastes, Truffles and an asparagus cream.



Authentic Chinese kitchen is a difficult enterprise in the heart of Umbria. You simply can't get some ingredients, i.e. salted and fermented beans. Maybe I should look for an online chop with Chinese stocks.



How much fegatelli a normally hungry person can eat? well 2, at maximum 3 - it his heavy fare.  But they sell them in packages with 6 or 7, so what to do with the reminderS?  You do not want to eat fegatelli the next day again...and don't freeze them to dead!



This is not an Italian recipe. Italians would abhor the idea to eat "cavolo nero" raw, and indeed it needs good  guts to digest it.



This is an old   recipe of mine. Pork goes well with apples. Pigs like apples 🙂 Near Berlin, there is a special race "The Havellaender Apfelschwein.



I am not a celiac and not even intolerat towards gluten. I am happy for this, because I find a lot of gluten free stuff quite disgusting. But wandering around in San Ferdinando I found this place.The menu was  not banal as in most touristic restaurants in Naples. So I decided to try. I ordered Tuna croquettes with Onion cream and a turban of seabass filled with vegetables.