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Recommended wines

Fagioli del Purgatorio

This is a beans specialty from Gradoli. Small white beans, very expressive in their taste, but elegant. These batch is a local Sugano production from my friend Andrea Purgatori :-) Nomen est Omen.  I combined them with different condiments.  Basil, 2 chily pastes, Truffles and an asparagus cream. Let's forget about the asparagus cream (there was no decision in the taste, no mingling.  The others were all OK. Well if you use a Chilly paste on an elegant ingredient, it will taste of Chilly paste.

Combination with truffles is a classical how I treat Gradoli beans. It really enhances the taste of the beans and of the truffles.  But: Gradoli beans accompanied only by high class olive oil, is hard to beat!

...the wines

I tried Lunato, Orvieto Classico Superiore from "Le Velette" (2018) and a Montefalco Rosso (2013) from Scacciadiavoli.  Both wines did win against the Chily Paste, but obviously did not get better. With the truffles the Montefalco Rosso was better, because deeper in taste.  With the beans/olive oil combination, both   red and white went well.  But this is true only for a structured white not too aromatic. The red maybe somewhat tannic even,