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  • 2020-04-21
    On April 18 the first video of the WineSong tasting lab was released. The first story pairs "scrambled eggs with ham and truffles" with two red wines. The two Reds tasted were a "Divina Villa, Etichetta Bianca" from 2018 and a "Scacciadiavoli Montefalco Rosso" from 2011.  The tasting process and the results you can see at…  
  • 2020-04-14
    The WineSong team published new stories about Sangiovese and about the "Duca della Corgna" winery on the Toutiao platform:
  • 2020-04-14
    A new Video (in Chinese) has been released on Divina Villa Black Label
  • 2020-03-25
    We  wish all the best to our friends and customers,  those in China, who are just getting their head out of the crisis and those in Italy, where we are  on the peak of the crisis.  We had big plans for spring this year and wanted to open the promotion campaign for "Duca della Corgna" winery. But the circumstances forced us to postpone all bigger events until autumn. In the meantime we are preparing information material. You can have a  look of this nice video, that we produced about "Divina Villa", Etichetta nera.
  • 2019-11-24
    During our stay in Beijing an Wuhan. we did extensive Food and Wine tasting In any restaurant, we had dinner, we walked in with our bottles.  There is people saying you cannot do  Food/ Wine Pairing with Chinese Food, because on Banquet you have to many parallel dishes. Against this: there is a wine for every Chinese dish! And especially and Italian wine as Italy has such a tremendous variety of flavours.  You simply need  more than one wine for Chinese food feast (as   it is also the case, with a more complex Western dinner. We made quite so me videos, which are available on youtube and on Chinese streaming services.
  • 2019-11-09
    We just finished our work at QWine, and it was worthwhile.  We presented 3 wineries,  "Tenuta di Salviano2, "Scacciadiavoli" and "Duca della Corgna", with a selection of excellent wines from Umbria. The top products "Sagrantino di Montefalco", "Solideo" from Lago di Corbara, "Primitivo  Cantina Terribile" from Puglia and "Divina Villa" from Lago di Trasimeno were highly appreciated. But also  "Baccio del Rosso" and "Corio" were liked by our visitors. We are now negotiating with importers, and we got many useful new contacts. Thank you to the organizers, who took care to facilitate the logistics.
  • 2019-09-30
    In Chengdu we presented 5 wineries - "Salviano" from the Lago di Corbara "Scacciadiavoli" from Montefalco,  "Tili'  from Assisi, "Duca della Corgna" from Lago di Trasimeno and "Cantine Terribile"from Puglia. We participated in the big agricultural fair of Sichuan (thanking the Italian  consulate for sponsoring the booth) and in an Italy/Sichuan Investment conference organized by the "Fondazione Italia/Cina", which pursues to establish business links between Sichuan and Italy. We had the opportunity to present our wines to the management   of Ruihua 199, a commercial management company, which works also in the area of alcoholic  beverages.
  • 2019-09-13
    This autumn we will participate in numerous activities in China. We will be present in Chengdu on a conference of the ItalyChina project from September 19-21, then we will participate at the Agricultural Fair in Chengdu from September 25-29. I October we will organize tastings and open bars in Beijing. In November we will have a booth at the Qwine exhibition. We will promote "Solideo" and "Turlò" from Salviano, Sagrantino from Scacciadiavoli. At Qwine we will also start a new collaboration presenting a range of wines from "Duca della Corgna". Finally from November 19- to December 9, the WineSong tasting Studio will open in Wuhan and Guangzhou.