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  • 2019-02-25
    It is good to have a bottle of wine in the bag heading out for food in Guangzhou. It is still a small minority of Restaurants in the town that offer you a glass of wine, surely none of the street foot stalls, with their delicious snacks, does. Orvieto Classico is the future of wine in Guangzhou. I pairs heavenly with many dishes. We tried in Wuhan, where it lost with too spicy dishes against a simple Lambrusco or a Tili Rose'. But the rice noodles in fish soup could not be better paired. So it was for the pork belly with crispy veggies and rice.  I dare to say. This "vintage" Soana might pair better than a new one.
  • 2019-02-04
    After Chinese New Year Wine Songs Mingle Club organizes mobile bars in Wuhan and Guangzhou.  Mobile bars a fancy new concept in China where you open a bar for a short time in different places to promote your wines. Wines from  5 Umbrian producers will be available at the mobile bars. Here the announcement that went to numerous lists on Weixin:
  • 2019-01-31
    The attached proposal has been sent to Umbrian wineries in January 2019.  Wine Song Ltd, Wuhan and Johannes Keizer Consultancies, Orvieto propose packages of promotion for Umbrian wines.
  • 2019-01-31
    You want this wonderful Italian wine that you found on (or even in other places!), but it is not on the Chinese market?  No problem, the  Wine Song Co-Import mechanism gives you the possibility to get it!  You order the wine through the Mingleclub and pay your order in advance (minimum order 1 case=6 bottles). Wine Song accumulates other orders of the same wine to reach 300 bottles. If  300 bottles are reached the wine is ordered and shipped to China.  Within 6 months you get your wine or you get your money back!
  • 2019-01-17
    When I wrote about the "I Birbi" di Perugia, I complained that in a slowfood listed restaurant the first dish was flying in after 10 minutes, hardly enough to prepare it freshly. The "Maniinpasta" a Foligno I found through Google Maps. It is not slowfood listed, but it took them  45 minutes to bring the first course.  A more than reasonable time to prepare "petto di piccione arosolato con il suo patè ed una trancia di foie gras e crema di mele".  Finally an Italian Chef who prepares pigeon (red meat!) al sangue. I enjoyed the tender and juicy breast of the bird. The patè contributed flavor, the fois gras fat. The apple cream was nicely refreshing. No mg of salt too much!  Only some grains beside the food, wonderful!
  • 2019-01-14
    During my birthday Umbria trip I wanted to try a Restaurant Perugia, but I had mixed up opening days. It was Sunday and all my 3 choices were closed.  In desperation I went back to Google   "Slowfood Perugia".  Something came out. Osteria "I Birbi" , just around the corner from the wonderful rundown, but classy Hotel Iris, where I was lodging.
  • 2018-12-05
    I am without any knowledge about French wines and still more about Burgundy wines.  So I took the opportunity to participation with tasting organized by Intrecci (Famiglia Cotarella) in Castiglione.  I  participated in the second Masterclass give by  Armando Castagno, who really knows everything about Burgundy wines and has written a book about it.
  • 2018-11-29
    WineSong Orvieto organized a vertical tasting of Sagrantino from Scacciadiavoli. Local producers and wine professionals tasted Sagrantino vintages from 2008 to 2012 with specifically paired dishes. All vintages were excellent. Most participants favoured the 2011, 2 the 2009 vintage.