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Orvieto Classico Superiore and Guangzhou street food

It is good to have a bottle of wine in the bag heading out for food in Guangzhou. It is still a small minority of Restaurants in the town that offer you a glass of wine, surely none of the street foot stalls, with their delicious snacks, does.

Orvieto Classico is the future of wine in Guangzhou. I pairs heavenly with many dishes. We tried in Wuhan, where it lost with too spicy dishes against a simple Lambrusco or a Tili Rose'. But the rice noodles in fish soup could not be better paired. So it was for the pork belly with crispy veggies and rice.  I dare to say. This "vintage" Soana might pair better than a new one.

We are finishing our Soana stocks from 2015. It is incredible. I could not believe that the wine had not lost taste. Surely it lost crispyness, but i gained flavours. The flavours of apricots and white fruits in the  new one change into tropical fruits after nearly  5 years of aging in less than ideal circumstances.

It has to be said: Cotarella knows how to  make good wines.


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