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Wine tastings at the British School Orvieto


Demetra Group SRLs,  WineSong Ltd Wuhan/Orvieto

We are introducing a new activity!

At the premises of the British school in Orvieto ( we will organize wine tastings.

Your hosts are Nixy and Giovanni from WineSong. Nixy is a Chinese Wine Journalist, who fell in love with Italy at the first drop of Sagrantino and has settled down in Perugia to be near to the Sagrantino. Giovanni is a German Biochemist who immigrated to Italy in 1987, worked for 30 years in agricultural consulting, and is now running the Buonrespiro wine cave and orchard. Nixy and Giovanni are both WSET certified (Level 3), and food and wine is their passion.

We think it is important to focus on having fun as much as on a “professional tasting”.

You will get 0.1 l of every wine in the tasting so you can try a greater variety of different kinds. We will serve you some homemade breadsticks and some pecorino from “la Cerchiara”.

No one will be scandalized if you drink the wine and do not spit it out :-). We encourage you to fully enjoy the wines you like. You can end the day taking your favorite tasted wines with you for little money.

We will start on June 17 with the introduction of "Orvieto Classico 2022". We will taste 8 bottles of Orvieto classico superiore from different producers. We will try to distinguish the different terroir, which for Orvieto classico can be predominantly vulcanic, clay or calcarean. We will see how the different blends influence the taste. We will vote at the end for our favorite.

In the next event we will explore the "Aging potential of Italian white wines": In Italy the aging potential of white wines is generally underestimated. Most people want the new white wine and think something is wrong with the bottle from two years ago. Well, only a minority of wines qualify for aging, but this is equally true for red wines. We think Grechetto based blends have a high aging potential. We will demonstrate this with a vertical tasting of an Orvieto classico.

A further planned tasting is about Sangiovese. "Sangiovese , a beautiful mess": This is a statement from Corrado Bottai (Le Vellette). And indeed, some of the greatest wines of Italy are Sangiovese based, but also an uncountable amount of insignificant bottles. Sangiovese's strength is the existence of numerous clones but also the versatility of a single clone. This evening will be a full immersion in Sangiovese, "in purezza" and in different blends, local products and wines from other regions.

The cost for participating in the tasting is 32 €. (8 Wines, Breadsticks and Cheese).

Booking necessary by contacting Giovanni at WhatsApp (3665010443) or via email (