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Pasta with Romanesco, Guanciale, Eggs and Truffles

Actually Pecorino is another important ingredient for this dish. So it is substantially a refined and enriched Carbonara. 

As to many of my Umbrian dishes inspiration came from the cuisine of Maria Luisa Scolastra from Villa Roncalli in Foligno. And as wiht Scolastra inspired dishes I never meet the Original quite 100%, in this case it is difficult to meet the "nest form" in which the original recipe presents the dish.  I have done this now often, changing pasta, type off eggs and type of guanciale, the result was always excellent.

The minimum amount of eggs to be used are 2! So this is a difficult dish to be cooked for one person. And with (nearly) all pasta dishes left overs are not getting better..

I carefully divide the Broccolo Romano in smallest roses as possible and boil in salted water. The Romanesco roses should have the correct serving size. I beat the egg, add the pecorino. In the meantime I fry small pieces of guanciale and bigger slices of guanciale. The fat from this is to fry later the egg, which could be also from quails.  It all needs a good timing.  I cook the pasta and fry the egg at the same time having already mixed the pieces of Guanciale with the broccolo roses.  When the egg cheese mixture is added to the Pasta/broccolo/guancale,  the egg should be ready.  Top the pasta with the egg and Truffles!

...the wines

Truffle, egg: rule is  red wine!  Also a well structured, heavier red wine, but not too alcoholic, because the sweetness of the alcohol would be disturbing. A Montefalco rosso is a good choice.  I tried also with "Accordo" from "the Vellette" winery, a 100% Sangiovese, aged and very structured, wonderful!

And then, one day, I went against my rules and opened a "nuricante" (Grechetto from Duca della Corgna).... I have to rethink my rules.....

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