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Zero Zero Grano

I am not a celiac and not even intolerat towards gluten. I am happy for this, because I find a lot of gluten free stuff quite disgusting. But wandering around in San Ferdinando I found this place.The menu was  not banal as in most touristic restaurants in Naples. So I decided to try. I ordered Tuna croquettes with Onion cream and a turban of seabass filled with vegetables.

Just to say before any citicism: I appreciate the creativity of the place; I too appreciated very much that they don't think (as many restaurants do) that taste is simply given by using the salt barrel.

I am normally not convinced by gluten free bread, but they offered a white bread which was crunchy and fluffy and not bad in taste!

But I have remarks:

How did the chef succeed to make tuna croquettes with the consistence of rubber balls? Eating them was really work for the teeth, very strange and little enjoyable. The seabass was served with its skin, what would have been appreciated. But the skin was not scaled and biting on fish scales is really not a desirable. The vegetable filling of the turban was generous (appreciated) and not over salted, but a bit bland. Hey! we are in Naples or a bit capers, raisins, pine nuts or one of it would have given the filling an exciting edg.

Anyway, the waiters are super friendly, the environment is very nice and the price of 32 Euros (two big glasses of very drinkable rosè included) was reasonable


...the wines

...a very drinkable not further disclosed Rosè

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