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Recommended wines

Fegatelli sott'olio

How much fegatelli a normally hungry person can eat? well 2, at maximum 3 - it his heavy fare.  But they sell them in packages with 6 or 7, so what to do with the reminderS?  You do not want to eat fegatelli the next day again...and don't freeze them to dead!

The solution:  fry them in the pan as usual, keep them a bit, but  only a bit rosè.

Slice them, put the slices into a jar and fill with olive oil. Add sage or something else what you like. You can keep it for quite some time in the fridge.

You can serve it with salad orprepare a pasta sauce with  the oil

It makes always a fabulous starter, can be combined with salads or other cold cuts.

...the wines

I  had  Lunato, Orvieto classico superiore from Le Velette with this.

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