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Pork chops with Apple Mustard sauce

This is an old   recipe of mine. Pork goes well with apples. Pigs like apples 🙂 Near Berlin, there is a special race "The Havellaender Apfelschwein.

As for all Pork recipes, go for meet from free range pigs. Don't be afraid of the fat, it does not hurt your health, but will please your taste buds.   If you can get only industry quality lean pork, you might rescue it with this recipe, because there will be fat from Mascarpone or cream. But be careful, when frying it, one minute too  long and you could also bite into the soles of your shoes.

The sauce has a similar problem, the apple, which also has become tasteless in the course of agricultural improvement. At least some types as Boskop ha maintained some flavor. I do not have this problem. My neighbor Sergio has plentiful very tasty apples on his trees (all biten by bugs).

Some onions in butter or oil, frying in this the grated or finely chopped apples, adding a generous amount of strong mustard, frying and get it creamy with one or two spoons of cream or Mascarpone.

Fry the chops and add  the sauce to the pan.  Here served together on the plate with potato chips and a bread from rye flower

...the wines

Try a structured white or a more bodied Rosè

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