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Potato cakes from grated raw potatoes

- a Corio from Lago di Trasimeno is just fine!

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Duck Breast and Divina Villa

Obviously, you need something good to drink. White an red is possible, but red is easier. As a white wine a Bourgogne Chardonnay (But no Chablis)…

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Potato cakes from mashed potatoes

A rosè wine, a white wine or a light red, all will fit

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Porcini mushrooms, potatoes and scrambled eggs

This is a dish for a Rosè Wine or a light red, at least not too tannic. I had an "Accordo"  (aged  and very strong Sangiovese) open, which did  not…

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German Carbonara

A good strong robust red wine! I had Rosso di Montefalco and was happy.

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The wines in test were an Orvieto Classico from "Poggio Cavallo" and two San Giovese Umbri, the first an experimental one ...still not in vendita..…

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