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Duck Breast and Divina Villa

Most lean meat is terrible, when overcooked, but often perfect to eat raw or at least raw inside.  So is duck breast.  It is wonderful just crispy fried on both sides and nearly raw inside. Duck breast is very lean, but it has a fat layer on the skin side. Therefore I use no extra fat for frying it. Some vegetable broth or white wine in the pan and the duck breast on the skin. When the liquid is evaporated the duck breast will have released enough of its own fat to complete the frying process.

Potatoes baked in the oven (I use the dual crisp functionality of my whirlpool "supreme chef"), with Rosmary, yes, but without garlic and best when fried in the duck fat, combine very well.  Another veggie would be good to be fresh. This time I used friggitelli peppers prepared in the non classical way as I described  in the specific cooking.

The 3 foods combined to a wonderful dish…

...the wines

Obviously, you need something good to drink. White an red is possible, but red is easier. As a white wine a Bourgogne Chardonnay (But no Chablis) could fit. A red wine has to be elegant, structured, but not too tannic.  I chose a "Divina Villa, Etichetta Nera" from Duca della Corgna winery.  This was near to perfection!

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divina villa duck breast potatoes roasted potatoes in the pan frggitelli