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A very special Risotto

I always buy rice and grains like farro. But I seldom use them.  My main carb has become bread, despite of liking pasta a lot.  I  never had a passion for "risotto", only some Basmati  preparations are for my taste.

Now I was looking for weeks to my jars  with whole grain rice and and organic  "farro"  (Spelt says Google Translator)

I had the cooking water from my "Cicerchie" and a  jar of broth from the freezer. So I dared. Risotto from the two grains.

Cooks quite a while, but then I liked the product, well the broth must have been quite good and the cooking water from the cicerchie was nearly creamy.

But really good it became after frying in olive oil a handful of Spring Onions for two seconds and then mixing the Risotto in.

There are numerous variants. A "farrotto" with only farro,  a spicy version with my "devils" sauce,  with meat....

...the wines

You  can drink nearly every wine you  like with it, obviously not the high tannic, super structured, full bodied reds,, but hahaha, my Accordo from Le Velette winery (San Giovese in purezza) went very well with this dish. Nearly better than the Martavello rosè, I tasted in parallel.  Another time I had GattoGatto from Montegiove, well paired. Umbrian Farro with Umbrian San Giovese

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farrotto gattogatto farrotto with porkchops the ccoking process