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Broccoli Romani, Lapin du maison, devilled eggs

This was more or less a left over dinner. Back home after 10 days travelling.  In the miniature freezing compartment of my fridge I found:  2 rabbit legs. A bag with broccoli Romani mixed with broccolett. In the fridge were also two eggs at the time to be eaten and a piece    of very aged goat cheese. Enough ingredients for a perfect dinner!   The rabbit I changed in "lapin du maison".  "Du maison" because fried in olive oil, adding white wine then, rosmary from the garden, old tomatoes (also found in the fr idge), garlic and capers.  For the exFrozen vegetables (iiih) I thought for a twist.  I refried the broccoli mixture in olive oil but without garlic or chillies. Instead of this I added a generous amount of   grated goat cheese to the veggies.  I boiled the eggs. Half of the yolks I mixed with truffle cream, the other half with chili cream.  I cooked some orecchiette to mix them with the     veggies.

Well dinner for two, but I was alone. Tomorrow a different left over treatment

...the wines

I had started to evaluate two wines: a white wine from  Puglia, made from the Verdeca grape and the Nero della Greca from Orvieto  Coop Cardeto. I opened too a Martavello from Duca della Corgna.  The Chilli eggs went well only with the Verdeca and were OK with the Martavello, a semi sweet Riesling would have been the best. The Truffle eggs only with Nero Della Greca (Umbrian truffles want Umbrian Sangiovese). Great surprise for the Broccoletti. Nero della Greca was the best, because of the goat cheese?  "Lapin du maison" was tolerant towards all the 3 wines, but the Verdeca was somewhat too fruity.

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