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This sweet wine posseses a unique style. The red color is impenetrable, the aroma evokes blackberries, dried fruits and cinnamon, the taste is particularly balanced.
The dense tannins grasp the acidity and the sweetness, creating a gustatory sensation of full harmony.
The Sagrantino grapes are hung to dry on “graticci” to concentrate their flavors and sugars.
In the past the SagrantinoPassito has been the only Sagrantino wine produced, and it was drunk during religious ceremonies in the villages of the Montefalco area.
Besides being a delicious wine, in the glass you can find the taste of the ancient farmers' life in Montefalco.

Expensive, persistence and sweet fruit with notes of blackberry, black cherry and dried  fruits, sweet spices lead to a minerally finish.

Sagrantino 100%




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