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Italia2China srl是一家中国/意大利合资企业寻求在中国推广意大利的生活方式。我们专注于意大利葡萄酒,我们喜欢意大利食物。我们认为,意大利是在投资和消费在这里的时间是adream成真了一个神话般的地方。

Enjoy the variety of Italian Wine

Italy has a wonderful variety of wines.  But it can be a confusing task to select from 400 different grapes, thousands of wines  and thousands of producers.
We have very clear principles in the selection of our wines.  We only select genuine products from a specific area, only original products, bottled by the producers.  We go for small and medium-sizedproducers, who fine tune their wine to achieve quality. We establish personal contact with producers.  We visit the wineries and we need to be convinced about the quality of their work.  
We believe in a healthy ratio between price and quality.  A bottle of wine might cost 90 RMB or 900 RMB, but the price needs to reflect the quality of the wine.  We cannot sell you wines at a 50 RMB shelf price. There is no genuine  wine that can be bought for less than  25 RMB from a producer.  And we don't sell wines at exhorbitant prices. Those who buy a bottle of wine that costs 4000 RMB pay for  the label, not the wine.
Just contact us, we will find you any grape, any type of wine, from any region, at any price

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Learning about wine

What you understand well, you can sell better.

We train your sales personnel  to understand wine. We organize professional training courses about wines, and about wine-tasting. We explain the difference between  DOCG, DOC , IGT and "Vino da Tavola".  We introduce you to the different wine regions of Italy.  Learn to examine a wine with your eyes, your nose and your palate.  Learn the different fragrances that develop in wine. Learn to judge colour and taste.  Be able to distinguish a young wine from a mature wine and understand a wine's defects just by using your nose. We deliver training material in English and Chinese.  Our experts come to your company to organize specifically tailored courses with your staff or clients.  We are an international team of European and Chinese experts.  We know about different culinary cultures. We can show you how to pair Italian wine with Chinese dishes

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We organize all your logistics

Handling  imports from small and medium-sized producers can be a daunting task.  Many of them are not able to produce all the documentation that is needed to export the wine from Italy and to import it into China. We know   the procedures and assist the producers in delivering them. Certficates of origin, chemical analysis, you don't need to concern yourself withthis.  We send you the wine and all supporting documentation to your port of choice in China...  More Info

Get to know the producers, visit Italy.

Having detailed knowledge about the producers helps to develop a marketing strategy. Visiting the vineyards and cellars is reassuring for those concerned about quality. Direct communication between producer and importer improves the quality of collaboration. We organize business visits to Italy. Should you wish to visit wineries, we can organize it; see specific Italian products, we can organize it; have a tasting trip, we can organize it. From Visa to Hotel and Restaurant booking, we will organize your perfect business trip.  More Info

Buy  your own vineyard
Would you like to invest in wine or become a producer yourself, spending part of the year in Italy?  We can mediate for youand provide the necessary legal and administrative  advice.  Become simply  a shareholder of a winery, assure quality delivery by owning shares or buy your winery directly and become a wine producer yourself.  You can indicate the geographical area, the size, the price  and the kind of production.  We will find the property for you and facilitate the purchase. 
If you simply want a holiday home in Italy, there are plenty of opportunities. We can find your property in cities of art, in the  mountains or at the seaside.
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