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When I wrote about the "I Birbi" di Perugia, I complained that in a slowfood listed restaurant the first dish was flying in after 10 minutes, hardly enough to prepare it freshly. The "Maniinpasta" a Foligno I found through Google Maps. It is not slowfood listed, but it took them  45 minutes to bring the first course.  A more than reasonable time to prepare "petto di piccione arosolato con il suo patè ed una trancia di foie gras e crema di mele".  Finally an Italian Chef who prepares pigeon (red meat!) al sangue. I enjoyed the tender and juicy breast of the bird. The patè contributed flavor, the fois gras fat. The apple cream was nicely refreshing. No mg of salt too much!  Only some grains beside the food, wonderful!

The second course came much quicker, because they could start to prepare right after the order. "Cappelletti" with truffles. Home made cappelletti with a filling of meat and ham and served with an abundant amount of Umbrian black truffles. I know a person who would have complained about the salt in the filling, but hey! they were made with ham. And the strong red wine paired just divinely.

 As main course I had chosen "filletto di cervo con funghi e polenta!" It was perfect: obviously the deer filet was rare and not cooked to dead. The mushrooms were among the best I ever tasted, they are called "Cardoncelli" ,  tastier  than porcini.  The combination of polenta (a cream of Maiz) , deer filet and mushrooms was again perfect.

The dessert was on the house: Biscotti all'anice with a local sweet wine (red vernaccia). Home made cookies, crisp and not sweet, just as I like them.

The wine I had chosen was a local Sangiovese blend (Barbera e Sagrantino).  Vintage 2016 with just the right amount of tannins balanced with 14% of alcohol. Appropriate for the meal, with the very honest price of 16 €.

Criticism? Dai! no need to find always negative points,  but it could become difficult if the restaurant is full........

I will come back

70 €



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