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Carpaccio from swordfish with lukewarm spelt salad

Inspiration by Maria Luisa Scolastra from Villa Roncalli, Foligno.

Buying raw fish (and eating it) has become an issue since anyone knows about Anisakis. In Supermarkets there are now specific brands and preparations for Sashimi/Carpaccio. The COOP at Orvieto Scalo is offering them separately from the fish booth. The fish monger in Orvieto city does the freezer treatment by himself. Well, 100 Euros/kg is a price, but the fish was worth it.

The fish is marinated with lemon, fresh fennel or dill and pecorino.  I was sceptical about the use of Pecorino, but it actually it contrasts very nicely.

The Spelt is cooked with celery, carots and tomatoe. Then minced potato and zucchini are panfried to a crispy state. Presentation as in the picture.

Can be starter, but main dish too and even substitutes the pasta.

...the wines

This needs elegant white wines. I had two "Vernaccia di San Gigmignano" from Giorgio Commoti, Il Palagione. The "Hydra" from 2018 and the  Ori aged in Barrique.  Well the complexity of the dish appreciated well the complexity  of the ORI. The slight tast of wood was wonderful with the salad.  But the Hydra fitted too.

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Hydra Ori Potatoes and zucchini spelt