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Carpaccio di Coregone (Tris di Carpaccio)

This was Tris of Carpaccio. 

Raw Salted Codfish (Baccalà) was bought at the local COOP supermarket and watered two days.   Two types of  Coregone , a) marinated by the Fishermen from Bolsena Village and b) fresh fillets of  Coregone, which I marinated. 

The first and second types were classics.   Sliced raw codfish without any marinade, just a bit of olive oil.  The marinated Coregone was marinated in vinegar, washed  and put under oil, so really cooked. My Coregone was more a Sashimi, The marinade was juice from lemons and oranges with Olive Oil and wild fennel herbs, marinated for two days. This was obviously much more elegant than the other two, but only for people who like raw fish,

Fennel herbs are important for fish carpaccio!

...the wines

Wine Pairing was a Tebbiano Spoletino from Bocale. I liked the melon taste of the wine with the Carpaccio. The Bocale wine is unfortunately not in my "Tasting Wine Base", but also the Cimate one will do fine.

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Bocale marinade