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Mapodoufu with Umbrian Characteristics

It is difficult to prepare authentic Chinese cuisine in the Umbrian country side. The main ingredients are available, but many "accessories" are not,

I could get Tofu, minced pork meat. I had garlic, Sichuan pepper,  Ginger. I did not    have "salted fermented beans" or Sichuan Pickles.

No problem! I substituted the beans and pickles with a good amount of "Gardiniera" (Coop), which  is a genuinely Italian form of Pickles.

I prepared spring onions, garlic , Sichuan pepper, Ginger. I added Chily. I mixed    the ground pork meat with a sausage. I fried everything in the pan, chopped and added the Pickles and Soya Sauce.  At the end I added the Doufu,

Well, it is not the same as what you get in Sichuan, but I would not be afraid to offer it to any Chinese guest of mine.

...the wines

In comparison a Grechetto "Colle Nobile" from Tudernum and a Martavello Rosè.  Go for the Martavello.  The Grechetto looses its elegance with this spicy dish,  The Martavello looses nothing and cleans the mouth beween your bites.

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the dish with Martavello With Grechetto