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Kale Salad

This is not an Italian recipe. Italians would abhor the idea to eat "cavolo nero" raw, and indeed it needs good  guts to digest it.

Obviously the idea of producing Kale salad comes from the US, but many other good things are coming from the US, am I right?   I created 2 versions,

- one with a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil,  walnuts and date tomatoes,

- the other one with the classical mixture for puntarelle - anchovis, garlic, EVO and vinegar.

Both good, one more elegant with the kale predominant, the other well marinated by the anchovis.

A good white wine vinegar is better than a sweety balsamico.

In a variation some tomatoes added to the garllic/anchovi version, good.

In another  variant the Kale  is slightly boiled and then mixed with nuts, chest nut pieces and garnished with slices of sella from a free range pig.


...the wines

Red wines have difficulties as with nearly everything treated with vinegar.

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