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Nepente di Oliena

This wine is producec by a Cooperative in Oliena, the heart of Sardegna, mountains, sheep, no water.

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A Crus from "Duca della Corgna". An incredible dense and powerful Grechetto.

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Montefalco Rosso Bocale

A very nice Montefalco rosso. More structure and body than man others.  The grapes are not declared at the bottle, but I guess at least for some…

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An excellent producer from the Amelia area. One of the very good Umbrian Cielegiolos

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Baccio del Rosso

we presented "Baccio del Rosso" at Qwine in China and it was very well received. It is a blend of "Gamay del Trasimeno", Sangiovese and other local…

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Bought at Denn's Bio Market, Berlin, from Bottling company Crianza 2016

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Colle Nobile 58

One Of the Umbrian high quality Grechetto wines. Both my favorites are produced from "Cantinte Sociale). Il Nuricante di "Duca della Corgna" ed il…

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