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A perfect match

A pasta and meat rolls from chicken and turkey breast. The pasta had a Sicilian flair with a sauce made from dried tomatoes, Olive Oil, Capers, anchovies and a bit of hot peppers. A flat pasta, which could take the sauce on it's surface.

The rolls were partly from organic meat, Organic chicken breast costs double as conventional one. It is much better, but not as better as the price is higher..but there are other reasons for organic meat :-). The chicken slices were simply treated with a green Olive paste with mandarine peels, delicious! The turkey slices were wrapped together with Norica ham or with an Anchovi filet, both give nice taste to the turkey, which was conventional and had not a much taste on its own.
Served with a bit of fresh tomato sauce and rucola salad

...the wines

What to drink.  Red wine would not match the Mandarin peels, neither the Anchovies in the pasta and the rolls. White wine should be very aromatic to withstand this feast of mediterranean flavors,

I choose 3 Rosè to try.   All the 3 of them matched well.  The "Salviano Pinot Nero", less than the others. It is too elegant and fine and it's Bouquet of Roses was waisted against this food. But on the other hand, it was a nice contrast.

Perfect the Martavello, anyway my favourite Rosè, with its flavours of Tropical fruit, but also the fruitiness and crispiness of the Sangiovese SunRose from il Palagione was marvellous.

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