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A menu to test two South Tyrol wines

- meetballs flavored with olive paste and Ricotta salata

- misticanza salad with date tomatoes and grated Ricotta salata

- "frigitelli" peppers, but made differently

2 from south tyrol

2 wines from Kandler "Erbhof" in Bozen


Firsi, a Rosè without appellation, simply Table wine, but with 14.5 % alcohol.  Flowery to the nose and with tropical fruits in the mouths, it is an excellent multi purpose Rose


The Lagrein is a South Tyrol DOC with much less alcohol, But  it convinces with a really harmonious mix with soft tannins, cherry and chocolate flavours


The meatballs were a remake of a steak Tartar. Though they    had been treated with a Mandarin scented olive paste. This was compensated wi th  a good dose of Ricotta salata and a sauce with eggplants.


The Firsi was possible, but the Lagrein paired better


"misticanza" salad with "date tomatoes" and grated "ricotta salata". Niente di chè, but ottimo.  Clearly it depends all on the quality of the "misticanza", I gave a good dose of Ricotta salata, which influenced heavily the wine pairing.


The Firsi fainted, cannot work with Ricotta salata, The Lagrein was a super match.


In this case the Firsi did win. "Frigitelli" peppers, but prepared in a different way. Stems cut and seeds polished, then wok fried for less than 10 minutes on garlic and fresh peperoncino, then a handful of "cielegio" tomatoes added.   Served hot and cold.


Here the Firsi was better. Too spicy for the Lagrein, but.....