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My plan was to produce traditional "Piccione Orvietano"

But all ingredients were missing. No ham at hand (and it was Wednesday afternoon), no sage, no lemon zest. I gave up.

But: I had a produced the day before a mix from dried tomatoes, ginger, garlic and dried zest from oranges (a bag from a China shop, which I thought were mushrooms.....)

So I cut my pigeon into two halves and fried it until nicely coloured in Olive Oil. Then I added charlottes and fried them with the pigeon. When it seemed good to me, I added the tomato/ginder/orange zest mixture.

Got it to simmer together for some minutes. Then I took out the bird and treated the veggie mix with a food processor, which resulted in a delicious fresh cream to serve with the bird.

...the wines

I am convinced that a white wine with structure would go very well with this dish lke a Nuricante or the Grechetto from Poggio Cavallo.

I had a Divina Villa, Etichetta Bianca, from Duca della Corgna. A low tannic red wine,  fresh enough to pair well with the slightly acidic sauce