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There are principally two ways to prepare Chard in the Italian cuisine, "all agro" boiled, lukewarm, with Olive Oil and Lemon or "Ripassata in Padella, this means after boiling panfried with chillies an garlic.

I like to experiment . Some days ago I needed to process a good amount of hot peppers, Italian ones, but worse than the hottest Mexican up to now. They looked really harmless, like miniature bell peppers, but only looking them got your eyes burn.

I have a recipe to discharge such stuff, cutting into pieces, deseeding, garlic, food processor, Oil, sugar, cooking, gives a marvellous red cream. The problem remains, what to do with this burning devel.

As my Bieta was already from two days ago, I tried.

...the wines

 Well, you need a beer!   But try Nuricante or Martavello