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learning wine


What you understand well, you can sell better.

We train your clients, your sales personnel to understand wine. We organize professional training courses about wines, and about wine-tasting. We explain the difference between  DOCG, DOC , IGT and "Vino da Tavola".  We introduce you to the different wine regions of Italy.    We teach you how to examine a wine with your eyes, your nose and your palate.  Learn the different fragrances that develop in wine. Learn to judge colour and taste.  Be able to distinguish a young wine from a mature wine and understand a wine's defects just by using your nose. We deliver training material in English and Chinese.  Our experts come to your company to organize specifically tailored courses with your staff or clients.  We unite Italian and Chinese culture, we know about different culinary traditions. We can show you how to pair Italian wines with Chinese dishes.