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Wine Selection for the Chinese Market

 Italy  has a wonderful variety of wines. But it can be a confusing task to select from 400 different grapes, thousands of wines and thousands of producers. We have detailed knowledge about Italian wine regions and varieties.

We have very clear principles in the selection of our wines. We only select genuine products from a specified area, only original products, bottled by the producers. We go for small and medium-sized producers, who fine-tune their wines to achieve quality. We establish personal contact with producers. We visit the wineries and we need to be convinced about the quality of their work.

We believe in a  healthy ratio between price and quality. A bottle of wine might cost 80 RMB or 800 RMB, but the price needs to reflect the quality of the wine.  We cannot find wines for you that sell for a shelf price of 50 RMB. There is no genuine wine that can be bought for less than 20 RMB from a producer. And we don't select wines at fantasy  prices. Those, who buy a bottle of wine that costs 4000 RMB pay the label, not the wine. 

Just contact us, we will find you any grape, any type of wine, from any region, at any price.

Transfer of wine knowledge:  We know everything (nearly :-)) about wine. we have an enormous archive with material (i.e about Italian wines  /wines-dbpedia  and wine websites /wine-websites ) . We can get you any information you need