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Carpacci and Tartar

I am a raw food  lover. Well I don't want to say I love the "vegan raw food".  I can eat it some times.  But my addictions is raw fish, raw meet and only selected raw veggies,

With "carpaccio"you group in Italy everything what is finely sliced and raw, meat fish or vegetables. The international gourmet community knows better tartar, minced lean good beef meet.

The standard condiment for Tartar is Oil, egg  yolk, a bit of mustard and it is enough. I put such a Tartar on a lamb lattuce salad, cou can see in the picture gallery.

Good raw meat I can eat without condiments, good raw fish I prefer without condiments / except a bit of salt and olive oil. But this  post is not about fish.

Meat carpacci are excellent also in combination with sliced Porcino mushrooms and granules of Parmesan Cheese or even pecorino as in the picture.

Condiments can be spring onions, capers, also anchovis, but this is already dangerous, you want the taste of the carpaccio, not of the salted fish.

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...the wines

Elegant wines with Carpaccio, good structured white as Umbrian Grechetto, Rosé  like the Salviano Pinot Nero, or a light red wine as a Grenache.

Picture Gallery
carp 1 carp 2 Carpaccio