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Filetti di Coregone

I am living near Bolsena lake an ancient crater, ones filled with Lava, now with water. And in this water, there are many tasty fish

The most appreciated of this is the Coregone also callled "lavarello".  It originates from the North of Europe, but it feels perfectly fine in the Lake Bolsena's relatively cold water.

It is a relative of trouts and salmons and as delicate as them,

I get the whole fish, or more often ready made filets from the guys of the local fish cooperative. So its mostly from the night before, very fresh.

It is good for carpaccio and no risk of tape worms as in sea fish:

My simplest recipe is panfried with some tomatoes and capers

...the wines

Obviously a good Est Est Est, would be the most logical companion, but it swims also very well in Orvieto classico.

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