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Back to the kitchen

After nearly 3 month of eating in Restaurants - eating very well-  I was clearly ready to engage with the kitchen in my airbnb loft in Guangzhou. I wanted to cook also, because portions in Chinese Restaurants are not made for single eaters.  But grocery shopping neither.  You buy the smallest possible amount (veggies for 20 cents), you cook half of it and it is still too much.

China is a food paradise, if you go out for dinner or if you are going shopping to cook yourself. My favorite wet market (but also food from supermarkets is OK!) is near the flat. From Pig heads to pieces of crocodile and many veggies I have never seen in my life, you can get everything there.

I opted for a dinner with dumplings, mushrooms, and roasted duck.  Well, my real cooking was only the mushrooms. I mixed 4 varieties, one was fresh Shitake, one was similar to "porcino" and two others I did not know. I pan fried them with a slightly bitter vegetable from the "broccoletti family", some garlic and peppers.

I bought two different types of dumpling, one filled with veggies and pork, the other with shrimps. The duck I bought already roasted. There are roasting places everywhere with ducks, geese, and parts of pig hanging in the window perfectly roasted. You point on the animal you want and the right amount is chopped in front of your eyes.  I reheated it at home, but with care, because as I said, roasted to perfection.

After having boiled the Dumplings I mixed them with the mushroom veggies.   Two delicious dishes prepared in about an hour.

...the wines

The wines were strictly Chinese. Two different rice wines and a red wine from Gansu province. I am reconsidering rice wine. A dry rice wine with crabs or other seafood is an excellent companion.  But also with the mushrooms, the slightly bitter almond taste of the rice wine went well.  The red wine was clearly better with the duck and the red wine was quite something. Vintage not declared, still fruity, but vanilla scents.  I tipped an oaked Cabernet Sauvignon.  Then I translated the Chinese label and yes, I was right - what does not very often happen in wine tastings. :-)

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mushroom veggies mushroom veggies with goose egg mushrooms