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Recommended wines

..this time seafood

I cooked another time in my airbnb kitchen.  This time I got seafood from the wet market. Whereas the price for vegetables is extremely low, this is not the case for fresh seafood. I bought big shrimps and scallops 扇贝). About 1 Euro/scallop and 4 Euros for 500 g of shrimps. This seems still very low compared to European prices, but  it is not cheap for typical Chinese shopping. The shrimps were big and dark and still alive, when I bought them.

Part of the shrimps I peeled and cooked them together with spring onions and other herbs and mushrooms. This should become the condiment for the dumplings. The other shrimps I pan fried together with the scallops and a good amount of spring onions. Fabulous taste of fresh seafood, although the scallops did remain a bit sandy.  I had some quail eggs also. I found Soya sauce in the kitchen and again spring onions.

Cooking in an airbnb, not having many ingredients is kind of an adventure!

...the wines

Wines again Chinese, and only rice wines. One for 5 Euros/bottle one 3 Euros/bottle. Both dry. The more expensive one had this slightly bitter almond taste, which paired very well with the shrimps. Still I think, a Martavello would win the competition

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