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Neugruens Koeche

Woww! This was my third time at Neugruens Koeche in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg.  But the last time was nearly 10 years ago in August 2010. ( What can you say, if a Restaurant improves quality and keeps the price stable for a 10 years period? Appreciation and congratulations.  39 Euro was the price of the set menu in 2010 and 38 Euro was the price of the set menu in 2020.

It was my birthday, so I forgot to take pictures and take notes, but I still remember some of the dishes after a week and I preserved the menu, which had 6 courses

-  Sellerie / Haselnuss  / Rettich

 - Mangold / Zwiebel / Geräucherter Frischkäse

-  Kabeljau / Weisse Bohnen / Salbei

- Rinderbrust / Rote Beete / Matjes 

- Hase / Wirsing / Gnocchi

- Pumpernickel / Kürbis / Orange 

This simple listing does  not express the mastership with which the dishes were prepared.  Codfish fillet on a cream  of beans, the cooked ox meat  was perfectly tender to melt with the Matjes in the mouth. The meat of the hare was prepared in different  modes as appropriate. I even appreciated the dessert, what seldom happens to me. It was a cream    with pumpernickel and only slightly sweet.

...the wines

10 years ago I  complained about the wine, which I considered to expensive for what it was.  This time there was a  perfect "Weinbegleitung".  5  0.1 glasses for 27 Euros.   I remember a Chardonnay  (Macon, Village), which paired perfectly with fish on beans and a red wine from the South Rhone,  a blend from Grenach, Mouvedre, Carignan is my guess, which did the same service to the ox breast and the hare.

I don't know why the Restaurant was not full. It was Saturday evening and only halve of the place were occupied. It seem many people prefer fanciness to quality.