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Hamburger, Cime di Rapa, White and Red

I never prepared Hamburger and I seldom have eaten them. They sweat out too much the culture of eating meat, without knowing what you are eating, but eating a lot. I love meatballs, made by myself,  buying high quality minced meat and mixing it wildly with veggies or Ricotta to get balls of different type.

I bought a meat grinder, mechanical without motor,  I am turning the crank. Now I have full control on the meat too (nearly, I have to rely mostly on the label information about the meat).  But  I was ready to make Hamburgers.  Well, these were not more than flat meat balls without veggies.  Anyway   I cannot do without mixing. I minced beef and chicken together.   I will not do it again. The two meat flavours did not mix.  But a successful inauguration of my grinder.  BTW.  This mechanical grinder was more expensive than the electric ones on offer. It has various blades and they should be of high quality

Beside the meat, on the table some classics from my kitchen. "Cime di Rapa"al agro (con Olive Oil and Lemon). Gradoli beans with truffle sauce. Actually I stopped mashing the beans with a food processor. I just overcook them, get the cooking water to evaporate and add olive oil and Truffle Sauce. Also some date tomatoes with Buffalo mozzarella....


...the wines

In the tasting an Orvieto Classico Superiore from the Custodi Winery and my beloved Assisi Young from Tili winery.

  There was a very distinct result. The tomatoes and beans paired well with the Young and badly with the Belloro, the Cime di Rapa paired well only with the Belloro and really the "Hamburgers" went well with both wines.

  I have a very simple criteria for wine-food pairing.   Taste of wine and food gets better, stays as it is  or worsens.  In the former two cases, pairing is possible, in the latter not. The wine is much more sensible to taste changes than the food.  I don't know always the reasons.  I have learned tomatoes and truffles go well only with red. White wines become flat. Truffles can be paired with greatest red wines. Lemon does not pair well with reds.  The meat pairs well with both both wines, because well: it is quite neutral in taste and gives the wine the possibility to develop it's own flavours.

Consequence: one bottle for a rich plate is not enough, :-)


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