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Oriental Chicken Breast

I think it was the last time that I bought chicken breast. Or should I go on hoping to get something with tast and a  juicy texture? This one was not even cheap (20Euro/kg) but the taste.......


Anyway the dish was invented for the wine. I had some ginger and a  can of coconut milk.  I fried garlic, ginger and onions, added some Sichuan Pepper and two handful of sliced prime quality "Cime di Rapa".

After putting the veggies out of the pan, I added the chicken breast, just browning it. Add a sip of white wine and the can of Coco Nut milk.  Stirring and then I added the veggie mixture again.

Very important not to cook again the meat but only to heat it shortly.  You know, changing chicken breast into shoe soles is one of the easiest     kitchen operations

...the wines

The wine was a Sestum. This is a dry Muscat from the Dionigi winery.  I never appreciate sweet Muscats, but I like very much dry ones. The aromaticity of the wine talked perfectly to  the ginger and Sichuan pepper and went also well with the sweetness of the coconut milk

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