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La Baccalaria

This beautiful Restaurant in Naples, Piazza di Porto 4 is specialized in the preparation of dishes made from "Baccala" and "Stoccaffisso", of which the best part is called "Coronello". I believe Italy and Portugal eat all the codfish, salted or dried produced in Norway and then exported. There are regional dishes featuring baccala' everywhere in Italy.  Even my home town Orvieto has a "baccala' alla Orvietana.

I started wiht a "ceviche vesuviano".  This was raw baccala' marinated in a lemon based sauce in Peruvian style, but with mediterranean flavours. Baccala' is very good to be served as a carpaccio as it is cooked already in the salt.. The ceviche style gives more juicyness.  The Lemon juice contrasts also the salt, whicht is often a problem, if you did not water the baccala' enough. My ceviche was nearly perfect, just a tiny bit too salty.

A memorable dish was the "Coronello arrosto con Patate in due modi" .    Stoccafissa could be imagined as somethin dry and  fibrous . But not at all.  It was not too much cooked, juicy with its own flavours.  It paired correctly with a light cream of potatoes and pan fried slices of the same . 

Then the Greens: I choose a local vegetable. I forgot the name, but  this was surely  a relative of "cavolo nero" (kale). It was cooked Italian style, this means cooked first in water, then fried ("ripassata") in a pan,  It was so rich of cabbage flavours, without expressing too much garlic or chily pepper. I don't asked for supplementary Olive Oil.

A bill of 55 Euros, was appropriate taken into consideration also the wine.

...the wines

I had 3 glasses of a Falanghina from the Mustilli winery.   I was sure that the Falanghina would pair devinely with the Coronello, but it matched very well the Ceviche. The acidic taste of the Ceviche enhanced the aromas and flavours of the Falanghina,


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