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Recommended wines

Salumeria Upnea

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this marvellous place. It is in Via san Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli 34/35  a Napoli.  Environment New York Style, food Naple style.

I had a plate with 5 differen bufala cheeses, obviously mozarella, but also a hard cheese,  a "primo sale", a ricotta and a cream. The cheeses were all super tasty an some toasted bread a good companion.

With the cheese I ordered a small portion from the garden ("orto"). I got two varieties ("Broccoli" and "Ciccoria") with very intense flavors.  I had no desire to ask for more  olive oil, it was just perfect.

I tasted a cake from bitter chocolate. And I appreciated, what is rare. But I liked the taste of bitter cacao, which tamed the slight sweetness, what for my taste could still have been less.

...the wines

I tasted local wines.   Two Whites, "Atellanum" an "Marosa"  and a Red, "Piedirosso dai campi flegrei".  The waiter recommended bubbles for the cheese and he might have been right.  The "Piedirosso" was definitely too strong for the delicate bufala. I can imagine that a low tannic  red (like Divina Villa from Duca della Corgna), would have gone well