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Moscardini on Fagioli del Purgatorio

A Variant of the classical "Mare e Monti" theme.

"Fagioli del Purgatorio" are the small beans from Gradoli with an elegant taste. Moscardini are  very small Octopus,  but sepia would be good also, but no calamari or polpo verace.

The beans are boiled with a clove of garlic until tender. In the meantime you may steam  Moscardini (or smaller octopus),

In a Pan prepare a soffritto from spring onions, garlic and chily peppers, Add some Cherry tomatotoes and mix the Moscardini in.

Serve in two layers, not mixed.

...the wines

Surely a white wine, not too aromatic, but with appreciable acidity. A Montefalco Grechetto from Scacciadiavoli fitted very well.

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Moscardini in the pan