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Coratella is an Italian signature dish. Mixed entrails: Loung, Spleen, liver and heart. Entrails in Germany end directly in the dog food factory, because the Germans don't know what is good. Will be the same in the USA.

Like the Chinese the Italians eat entrails and each region  has its specialty preparation. In Rome, where nothing was left to the people than entrails after the fat church aristocracy had eaten the "better" parts, a culture developed around entrails: "Coratella con i carciofi" , "Cervello fritto", "Coda alla vaccinara", "Rigatoni con la pajata", whreas the cardinals eat boring beefsteaks.

My version of coratella (from lamb) does not mix it with carciofi  (artichoks). I have problems with carciofi, because carciofi have problems with wine :-).  I use abundat amount of sage to prepare my coratella.  Watering all the ingredients with wine over night in the fridge improves the result. Cutting them into small pieces is work, but worthwhile.  I cannot understand people, who put all the stuff at the same moment into the pan. Overcooked liver is terrible. Aaah another ingredient I like with Coratella are spring onions.

Surely not a dish for everyday, but it is only available at the day of slaughter if you want the good stuff from your trusted farmer.

...the wines

I made a comparative tasting with a strong and structured Grechetto (Nuricante) and  one of the more powerful Sangiovese Blends (Turlò) . The Turlò did win with a distance. Would like to try with a Rosè from Sagrantino as that one produced by Chiorri

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frying process in the pan the final product preparing the ingredients