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1.       stewed meat or  roast meat with heavy saucesuch as steak and roast duck- with strong wines  such as Montefalco RossoAssisi Young and Palaia


2.       spicy food - fresh wines with little tannin and medium+ body, some sweetness or a spicy note is preferredsuch as the sweet Vignola and the full body &spicy Martavello.

3.       sweet food- fragrant wine with little tannin such as Assisi Rosato

4.       steamed or poached food : fresh wine with delicate structuresuch as Soana

5.       deep fried foods or nuts or hamwine with little tannin but good structuresuch as Martavello or Spumante Rose di Sagrantino. the structure and complexity of the wine will be highlighted 

don't have shell seafood with high tannin wine

don't have sheep meat with Sauvignion Blanc

don't have chili or sweet food with “big wines”