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Recommended wines

Savoy Cabbage, ham, lonzino and Cow cheese

Savoy Cabbage is an under-rated veggie. I cook it in various forms.

It is more elegant to boil it first for some minutes (I cut away the most hard pieces), You can panfried directly, but the taste will be very strong!

For this dish the slice cabbage is boiled in salted water to a likable grade of crunchiness and drained,

Butter is melted in a pan without frying it and the hot cabbage added. To this give immediately a handful of sliced Norcia prosciutto and/or the lonzino from Augusto,

If you have good aged cow cheese ( I hope "Gut Backensholz" delivers soon in Italy, grate it on this dish. Or try truffles as alternative.

I discourage from using Pecorino

Mix and eat.

...the wines

It is a wine agnostic dish. Well no, don't try Sagrantino, Divina Villa Etichetta Nera or a Brunello,   but a simple red, as strong Rosè or a structured white, all go well