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Peperoni con la Mollica

This is a recipe that I found in various sources about cooking in the Italian "Mezzogiorno"

I like peppers, however they are prepared, but I have only two standard preparations in my repertoir. Very finely sliced an panfried until they are brown and very cooked, or cooking the only very little, keeping the crunchy and then adding fresh date tomatoes.

This is somewhat in between. The Peppers are initially panfried in Olive Oil for 15 minutes.
In the meantime I prepare the condiments, which ingredients are finely chopped dried bread, grated "Pecorino", Origanum, capers and garlic.

After the first 15 minutes of frying the peppers I add the condiment and go on frying until the bread is really crunchy! The original recipe wants you to have the bread nearly grated. I kept the pieces a bit bigger, 1 cm cubes, but not bigger, so they get wonderful crunchy.
I like this warm and cold. I like this dish too, because I never finish my bread as long as it is fresh....there is always old bread in my kitchen... the course of living alone.

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...the wines

I  had a "Rosso di Spicca" from Vellette winery and I enjoyed it.  It paired heavenly with another dish of the menu (pasta with Umbrian sausages) but it also matched the peppers. I can imagine though that a well structured white (like the Nuricante from Duca della Corgna) would still be better